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Fifth Grade

What students do in Grade 5

 STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math




  • Inquiry based learning

  • Grow plants and interpret the purpose of plant structures

  • Differentiate the day and night cycles of plants

  • Explain the formulas for cellular respiration and photosynthesis

  • Analyze the components of weather by creating a video of a severe weather forecast

  • Recognize and experience the differences between physical and chemical reactions

  • Diagram and explain the human digestive and circulatory systems

  • Classify chemical symbols of the periodic table of the elements

  • Learn to balance simple chemical equations

  • Participate in the Dana Point Watershed Project

  • Foss Kits: Physical Science “Mixtures and Solutions”; Life Science “Living Systems”; Earth Science “Water Planet”



  • Wiki site

  • Create documents

  • Use Google docs to collaborate

  • Create a class newsletter

  • Create and do Web Quests

  • Convert data into charts and graphs

  • Use Story Board and create a digital movie

  • Create PowerPoint presentations

  • Create weather forecast video



  • Design and build a water filtration system

  • Design and build a model membrane that mimics a real membrane

  • Learn about heat transmission while building a solar oven.



  • Identify and describe the principles of design: unity and harmony; characteristics of representational , abstract and nonrepresentational art

  • Use one-point perspective to create the illusion of space

  • Demonstrate beginning skill in digital imagery

  • Create an expressive abstract composition

  • Assemble a mixed media two dimensional sculpture

  • Communicate values, opinions, or insights through an original work of art

  • Identify and compare art works from various periods or regions of the US

  • Develop and use specific criteria to asses works of art

  • Identify and design icons, logos and other symbols for ideas and information



  • Use of multiple models to solve problems

  • Integrate math, science and PE

  • Discuss and utilize multiple ways to understand the same concept

  • Using real-life problems (lunch count and homework completion data to determine percentages)

  • Develop the meaning of negative integers and computing with them

  • Computing surface area (carpet a floor, paint a wall, wrap presents)

  • Develop an awareness of professions that use the different mathematical skills we cover

  • Interpretation of data, graphing equations, use of variables in equations

  • Individual and small group Science Fair Projects integrated with mathematical concepts


Project Based Learning

  • Design a colony in space based on historical colonies from Colonial Days

  • Dana Point Watershed Project

  • Simulation of crossing the Atlantic Ocean from the

point of view of explorers and pilgrims

  • Severe weather forecast

  • Students become part of a community of colonists and

demonstrate colonial lifestyles and trades

  • Human body systems discussion and essay: choose an organ and defend its importance in the body