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Magnet Application 2017-2018

Fourth Grade

What students do in Grade 4

STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math




  • Hands-on experience: making a motor, connecting circuits

  • Collect rocks and experiment to determine their hardness using Moh's Scale

  • Experiment with light and plants: use of dependent, independent and fixed variables

  • Participate in the Buchanan Science Fair and Science Night

  • Foss Kits: Physical Science “Magnetism and Electricity”; Life Science “Environments”; Earth Science “Earth Materials”



  • Wiki site

  • Create documents

  • Use Google docs to find documents

  • Create a class newsletter

  • Create and do Web Quests

  • Convert data into charts and graphs

  • Use Story Board and create a digital movie

  • Create PowerPoint presentations



  • Build a gold mining town

  • Create a model of a gold mining tool

  • Make a map of California, showing the regions in the state

  • Build a battery that works

  • Build an electrical circuit that works



  • Perceive, create and describe contrast and emphasis in works of art

  • Describe and demonstrate how negative and positive shapes/forms are used in art

  • Identify and use complementary colors to show how artists use them to convey mood

  • Describe and use proportion in art

  • Use shading to transform a two dimensional shape to a three dimensional shape

  • Use additive and subtractive processes to create a sculpture

  • Describe how art reflects life

  • Construct diagrams, maps, graphs or timelines to communicate ideas or tell a historical story

  • Discuss how the subject and selection of media relate to the meaning or purpose of a work of art

  • Describe how various cultures define and value art differently



  • Weekly times table tests until students demonstrate mastery

  • Relationship between decimals and dollars

  • Operations and algebraic thinking

  • Number operations in base 10

  • Measurement and data

  • Geometry

  • Group or individual Science Fair projects including: independent variable, dependent variable, control, interpretation of data, use of bar graphs


Project Based Learning

  • Morse Code Message with electro magnet

  • Biome diorama

  • Rock etching with Mohs Scale

  • Terrarium

  • Research California historical figure and present in character