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Magnet Application 2017-2018

Third Grade

What students do in Grade 3

 STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math



  • Hands –on experiences growing plants

  • Discuss how plants and animals make or adjust to changes in their environment

  • Planet Project includes researching the planet using multiple resources, a report and poster

  • Talk about and experiment with shadows

  • Chart the phases of the moon

  • Discuss how pollution causes changes in how wildlife lives

  • Investigate and dissect owl pellets

  • Forms of matter

  • Experiment with solids, liquids and gases

  • Demonstrate understanding of concepts by physical representation, illustration and written formats

  • Participate in the Buchanan Science Fair

  • Foss Kits: Physical Science “Matter and Energy”; Life Science “Structures of Life”; Earth Science “Sun, Moon and Stars”



  • Research a topic online using Google and Yahoo search engines

  • Work through a Web Quest packet in science, social studies, literature and art

  • Use Word to create a project

  • Write a bibliography using proper computer citing



  • Build with Legos

  • Design and build a home with furniture in it

  • Create a marble coaster

  • Create a famous American person



  • Describe rhythm and movement in works of art, in the environment

  • Describe how artists use tints and shades in painting

  • Identify and describe how foreground, middle ground and background are used to create space

  • Compare and contrast two works of art: tools, media, line, color, shape/form, texture, space, value

  • Compare and describe artwork with a similar theme created at different times

  • Create an artwork that shows space, everyday scenes

  • Distinguish between representational, abstract and nonrepresentational art

  • Create a clay sculpture

  • Identify and describe art from different parts of the world

  • Write about art from a student’s cultural background

  • Describe how artists (architects, book illustrators, muralists) affect people’s lives



  • Learn multiplication and division times tables to mastery

  • Build geometric figures

  • Act out rounding numbers

  • Role playing to solve problems

  • Advanced multiplication and division (multi digit multiplication and long division)

  • Place value to 10,000’s

  • Multi-step problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

  • In depth knowledge of polygons: perimeter, area, volume

  • Simplifying fractions

  • Algebraic expressions


Project Based Learning

  • Biography of an Important American

  • Build a person

  • Research and make a model of a planet