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Magnet Application 2017-2018

Second Grade

What students do in Grade 2

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math




  • Use standard units of measurement (relate and integrate mathematical concepts)

  • Use magnifiers and microscopes throughout investigations

  • Study life cycles of various animals and plants

  • Compare physical properties of different kinds of rocks and soils

  • Discuss fossils

  • Participate in the Buchanan Science Fair

  • Build Straw Towers

  • Design and build a geometric city

  • Create Animal models from recycled material

  • Foss Kits: Physical Science “Balance and Motion”; Earth Science “Pebbles, Sand and Silt”; Life Science “Insects and Plants”



  • Basic keyboarding

  • Research a topic online

  • Create documents with Word

  • Import images

  • Write a short story and a report in Word

  • Use an online calculator

  • Dash & Dot Coding Robots



  • Design and build towers out of straws

  • Design and build a geometric city

  • Make a piñata

  • Make a model of a real-life animal out of recycled materials



  • Perceive, discuss and describe repetition in nature, environment, art; differences in mood created by warm and cool colors

  • Identify elements of art in nature

  • Beginning skill in printing, crayon rubbing, collage, stencil, oil pastels, watercolors, tempera

  • Depict depth in art using overlapping shapes, size and placement

  • Use symmetry to create visual balance

  • Explain how artists use their work to communicate ideas

  • Discuss how art is used in cultural celebrations

  • Use appropriate art vocabulary

  • Compare different responses to the same work of art



  • Extending understanding of base-ten notation

  • Building fluency with addition and subtraction

  • Using standards of measure

  • Describing and analyzing shapes

  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction

  • Add and subtract within 20

  • Work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication

  • Understand place value

  • Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract

  • Measure and estimate lengths in standard units

  • Relate addition and subtraction to length

  • Work with time and money

  • Represent and interpret data

  • Reason with shapes and their attributes


Project Based Learning

  • Family History

  • Community Hero

  • Piñata

  • Animal research and then create an animal from recycled materials