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What students do in KINDERGARTEN

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math




  • Next Generation Science Standards / Common Core State Standards

  • Use of hands-on investigation to problem solve

  • Language of the discipline (appropriate use of scientific terms)

  • Connections between real world experiences and scientific concepts

  • Conduct experiments by developing individual questions, making predictions, recording data and results, developing conclusions and sharing information with peers



  • Manipulate a mouse

  • Go to book marked websites

  • Play language arts and science games

  • Move the cursor

  • Use beginning “Word” to write site words and name

  • Familiar with IPAD, laptop, desktop and projection equipment

  • Leapfrog Tag (electronic books)

  • Dash & Dot Coding Robots



  • Build with Legos

  • Build Neighborhood Model with streets

  • Build Transportation Model (bus, car, airplane, etc.)

  • Build a Model of an Insect



  • Identify and discuss patterns and media used in artwork

  • Identify the elements of line, color, shape/form, texture, value, space

  • Use lines, shapes, forms and colors to create patterns

  • Use scissors, glue, and paper to create three dimensional construction and describe how the objects are used

  • Make a collage with paper shapes or forms, geometric shapes

  • Express feelings in artistic creations

  • Create and describe a three dimensional animal

  • Identify and describe artwork that shows people and things together, artwork from different

times and places

  • Identify and discuss images and symbols and icons



  • Representing, relating and operating on whole numbers with sets of objects

  • Describing shapes and space

  • Counting and ordering numbers

  • Addition and subtraction

  • Place Value: 10’s and 1’s

  • Comparing measurable attributes

  • Geometry: shapes, building shapes, comparing shapes in two and three dimensions, including the number of sides, number of corners or vertices


Project Based Learning

  • Transportation

  • Model of Neighborhood

  • Model of Insect

  • Tom Turkey

  • All About Me